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Essential Oils (10ml)

Essential Oils (10ml)

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Each essential oil is steam distilled from the plant leaf. 100% PURE & NATURAL (10ML). 24 month shelf life 

The oils can be used in an air diffuser. Always conduct a patch test to check for sensitivity.

Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil, or lotion and never applied directly to skin.

Example, for a teaspoon (5 ml) of carrier oil add this much essential oil:

  • 1 drop – 1%.
  • 2 drops – 2%.
  • 5 drops – 5%.

Example, for a tablespoon (15 ml) of carrier oil you add this much essential oil:

  • 3 drops – 1%.
  • 6 drops – 2%.
  • 15 drops – 5%.

Always starts at 1% and test for sensitivity. Remember you can always add more to your blend if necessary.


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